hyperactive Islander photo.jpg (11984 bytes)     The roots of the Hyperactive date back to 1991 when the band was called the Extremes. The band played it’s first show at the Rutgers University Battle of the Bands in Nov. 1991. Besides coming in second place in the contest they managed to get a gig that very same night playing at the Zeta Psi fraternity house at Rutgers. The frat show was wild; complete with non-stop dancing and the obligatory periodic raining of beer and other alcoholic beverages.  This was the genesis of a long musical journey.

    As time progressed the band's frenetic stage show inspired a following of devoted fans. The band changed it's name to Hyperactive (inspired by the Thomas Dolby song) which seemed to capture the essence of their stage show. Up to this point, Hyperactive had been emulating real horns with a keyboard, but now the play list contained a number of songs that demanded the presence and power of live horns. As a result, a trumpet and saxophone were recruited into the band and a live horn section remains an integral part of the Hyperactive sound to this day.

    In the midst of a busy touring schedule, the band released their first original CD in 1993 entitled Prey on the Weakness. The album was a collection of ska, rap and funk tunes. At the record release party held at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, the club was sold out and over 300 CD’s were purchased. A year later, Hyperactive released their second CD, Inner Strength. This record had a somewhat heavier sound and was met with excellent reviews. National magazine, Stereo Review, stated that it was "an outstanding eclectic mix of styles." Plans were then made to produce a tight, focused four song EP. The result was UP, a totally ska CD featuring the song Red Boots (which got significant local radio airplay on WHTG.)

    In 1997 the band underwent a transformation when the original drummer, guitar player, and keyboardist left the band. Vocalist Joe Bembry and bassist Mark Dileo decided to continue on with new players and a new sound.  Mike Beach on guitar, Tony Nardini on keyboards/vocals, Tom Cottone on drums, Doug DeHays on sax, and John Martin on trumpet.  The band competed in MTV's "Battle of the Bands" and made it to the semi-final round before succumbing to a highly controversial judging decision (at least from our perspective!).   Hyperactive continues on with a new sound playing swing, funk, rock, reggae and their first love; ska music.